Stereotypes of “Being Yourself”

At some point in your life you must have heard the famous line “Be yourself”. I obviously agree with this but I would also love to point out more about this.I have seen people motivating others saying” come on!be yourself”.But we don’t need to hear this anymore, do we?I think people should accept people who are being genuine and are being themselves.We already know how to be extraordinary and sophisticated but we surely lack acceptance in this case.So people tell you to be yourself ask them If they will accept you If you are being yourself.


2 thoughts on “Stereotypes of “Being Yourself”

  1. It’s true, there are many people who have problem with us being ourselves but I say- if they cannot accept me as I am, they are selfish and I also don’t have to care about what they think. My true friends are those, who accept me as I am.

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