“You are not like other girls”+1000 more cliches

As a girl I have heard this line more than I have heard my own name and you have to trust me on this one so my dear tiny wordpress family get yourself a cuppa coffee because things are gonna get dark.So I know most of the people out there might take this as a compliment but I honestly don’t because I am like every other girl and it’s not a bad thing at all.We are sisters connected by menstrual pain.It is a pain that people think saying this is a compliment it might sound nice but it isn’t this might be a compliment for you but a rude thing for the other girls out there.So sisters take your notes out or write it on your forehead that if he says this he is probably a sicko. And a shout out to the gentlemen out there thanks for actually giving your girl genuine compliments.Also try giving people compliments about their personality and stuff like that because karen knows she is pretty karen has a mirror.And girls stop expecting too much from your guy and stop pressuring your man he ain’t a toy.I think these things are meant for both the genders.Regardless of our genders we face these things regulary and trust me it’s better to be alone rather than being surrounded by disrespectful people.At the end of the day I would want people to respect me and listen to me and I know for sure everyone does.


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