Lost Symphony

I went to that place today,where we buried our memories deep.

I wanted to hold them but they tended to slip, feeling the void I needed to fill.

I remembered there are wounds still left to heal

I know you might feel like this too,

I look at broken things and it reminds me of you.

When there’s no one to lean on, nobody to talk to when things go wrong

I know you have been standing alone strong.

But I wonder If you know It’s  been hurting me too.

Does looking at scarred things remind you of me?

Do you worry If your words still sting?

And think about the songs I used to sing.

Or are you too busy telling them stories about me ; I can’t guess how many people call me “She”.

When you tell stories about me I hope you flip the page

After-all for how long can you keep your words caged?

PS: I have exams coming soon so I haven’t been active for quite long I have been mostly writing poems these days. It speaks more to me as I am always kind of stressed. I hope all of you are doing okay and are healthy, it feels great to be back.


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