Hello everyone.It’s been a week probably since I posted.I wasn’t mentally stable to post anything but now that I am well I want you guys to read this post.The last few days in my country were really messed up.A few days ago a house wife was raped in her own house in Bangladesh.And before that a women and a 75 year old lady was raped in the streets.As a Bangladeshi girl living in Bangladesh I was literally frustrated.The worst thing about this is the rapists haven’t been sentenced to death yet.They are not even afraid because they know that the shitty justice system will never do anything to them.As a girl it’s now completely hard to go outside without imagining the worst case scenarios in my head.The saddest thing is that this is not the only time that women are being raped or molested and I know this won’t be the only time.Many people do not even file cases in order to save their modesty and I won’t blame them because we are living in a country where the rapists are free to roam around and where the victims would be accused.I want justice for all these girls and I want justice for the people who weren’t served Justice.Because a world without women will be like a world without water.


19 thoughts on ““Raped?”

  1. I read about that form afar. Still I cannot believe this is happening in the 21st century. Anywhere.
    In France a young woman was recently beat up for wearing a skirt in the street…
    yet, I think the more voices rise , the faster this will stop.
    Stay safe. 🙏🏻

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      1. I can understand your feelings. I have a longer perspective. My grandparents were born in the 19th century. My grandmother was born in Jowrah, British raj and all that. (Though she was of a French family near Calcutta. Indigo planters) To cut a long story short, they left India around the turn of the century. Settled in France. French women got voting rights in 1946! She was 56 when voted for the first time. So… some things change. Slowly. And some things take a bad turn. Rape in the Indian subcontinent is a major issue. Only women can turn things around. It will be your generation’s job… 🙏🏻


      2. You will. Politicians are the same sh.. (crap) worldwide. But they count their votes. So the more nose you make – peacefully, let’s remember Ghandiji – the more they will be forced to listen… As Johnny Walker slogan says: “Keep walking”. In the street. And stay safe.
        Phir milenge.

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  2. I can understand your feelings. Yes, it is very hard to believe when the culprits roam around scot-free because of the weak Jucidiciary. Hope, things will change for the better. Don’t lose hope, and keep faith in God. Remember, He always punishes the wicked in someways. Stay safe. Blessings 🙏and much love to you💕

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