Lost Symphony

I went to that place today,where we buried our memories deep.

I wanted to hold them but they tended to slip, feeling the void I needed to fill.

I remembered there are wounds still left to heal

I know you might feel like this too,

I look at broken things and it reminds me of you.

When there’s no one to lean on, nobody to talk to when things go wrong

I know you have been standing alone strong.

But I wonder If you know It’s  been hurting me too.

Does looking at scarred things remind you of me?

Do you worry If your words still sting?

And think about the songs I used to sing.

Or are you too busy telling them stories about me ; I can’t guess how many people call me “She”.

When you tell stories about me I hope you flip the page

After-all for how long can you keep your words caged?

PS: I have exams coming soon so I haven’t been active for quite long I have been mostly writing poems these days. It speaks more to me as I am always kind of stressed. I hope all of you are doing okay and are healthy, it feels great to be back.


Recovering from Covid-19

We have been going through a really hard time due to this pandemic. I have been taking and doing everything I can to keep my family and me safe however last month I was tested positive for Covid-19. It came to me as a shock because I always take enough precautions to stay safe. I along with my aunt who was staying with us at the moment tested positive for Covid-19. I had a stubborn fever for 2 days and an annoying headache for almost 5 to 6 days. But I was doing okay over all than most people who had to get admitted in hospitals. I started feeling really low due to the misery and poverty that has tolled over our country. Many people were laid off and as a developing country most people were going through much worse financial problems. I was grateful to have everything on my side. I am keeping It short and requesting you guys to take care of yourselves and stay safe.

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I have a house with a roof so high my eyes can’t linger above

a wall so wide that no one could come inside,

a house without a “you” or “us”.

A house where we don’t talk about vengeance or war

a house that traps only starlight and human dust.

They have a house too, but no roof,

and walls so weak anybody could break in;

a house composed of “you and “us.

A house that could fix a broken heart: a house that felt like home

where love has only grown.

They have a home, they call house

I have a house, I call home.

“You are not like other girls”+1000 more cliches

As a girl I have heard this line more than I have heard my own name and you have to trust me on this one so my dear tiny wordpress family get yourself a cuppa coffee because things are gonna get dark.So I know most of the people out there might take this as a compliment but I honestly don’t because I am like every other girl and it’s not a bad thing at all.We are sisters connected by menstrual pain.It is a pain that people think saying this is a compliment it might sound nice but it isn’t this might be a compliment for you but a rude thing for the other girls out there.So sisters take your notes out or write it on your forehead that if he says this he is probably a sicko. And a shout out to the gentlemen out there thanks for actually giving your girl genuine compliments.Also try giving people compliments about their personality and stuff like that because karen knows she is pretty karen has a mirror.And girls stop expecting too much from your guy and stop pressuring your man he ain’t a toy.I think these things are meant for both the genders.Regardless of our genders we face these things regulary and trust me it’s better to be alone rather than being surrounded by disrespectful people.At the end of the day I would want people to respect me and listen to me and I know for sure everyone does.

Homemade Body Scrub

Hello queer people.I know that we are all annoyed and irritated because of this Covid wave. My mom is almost a step away from exploding, well I won’t blame her.I want to take care of myself in this disastrous moment because that will make a bit relaxed in this situation so I want you guys to take care of yourselves as well.I will be sharing my homemade natural body scrub.

Ingredients: White sugar, Brown sugar,yogurt,Honey,lemon,Turmeric.

Take a bowl and add a cup of white sugar(you can put more If you want to)then add a cup of brown sugar and turmeric powder.Mix the dry ingredients and add 3 table spoon honey and a table spoon of yogurt.Squeeze the lemon.You can add coconut oil but that’s completely optional.Mix all these ingredients properly and apply it on your body.Wash yourself after 10 mins.

Body scrubs don’t just make your skin look and feel fantastic – they also improve the health of your skin. When dead skin builds up, it can clog pores and cause blemishes to appear on the surface of your skin. Exfoliating the skin and removing that dead skin often lessens the frequency of body acne.


Hello everyone.It’s been a week probably since I posted.I wasn’t mentally stable to post anything but now that I am well I want you guys to read this post.The last few days in my country were really messed up.A few days ago a house wife was raped in her own house in Bangladesh.And before that a women and a 75 year old lady was raped in the streets.As a Bangladeshi girl living in Bangladesh I was literally frustrated.The worst thing about this is the rapists haven’t been sentenced to death yet.They are not even afraid because they know that the shitty justice system will never do anything to them.As a girl it’s now completely hard to go outside without imagining the worst case scenarios in my head.The saddest thing is that this is not the only time that women are being raped or molested and I know this won’t be the only time.Many people do not even file cases in order to save their modesty and I won’t blame them because we are living in a country where the rapists are free to roam around and where the victims would be accused.I want justice for all these girls and I want justice for the people who weren’t served Justice.Because a world without women will be like a world without water.

Thinking Wrong

I don’t know If you guys face this but I always end up thinking about people I am not supposed to think about specially the ones I pushed awag or ran away from.I do not regret over my decisions but I feel sad that the right people appear during the wrong times and you eventually lose hope about someone right appearing again even though you have your whole life left…

Stereotypes of “Being Yourself”

At some point in your life you must have heard the famous line “Be yourself”. I obviously agree with this but I would also love to point out more about this.I have seen people motivating others saying” come on!be yourself”.But we don’t need to hear this anymore, do we?I think people should accept people who are being genuine and are being themselves.We already know how to be extraordinary and sophisticated but we surely lack acceptance in this case.So people tell you to be yourself ask them If they will accept you If you are being yourself.


I see a wave of tiny ants
I see no sir nor ma’am,
I feel chaos through hell
I see the flesh,the soul and bones
The blood that curses the vein;
the mind that distinguishes the heart from the hand.

The worthless war between the fairest
“Human”as they say dignifies even the dirtiest animals in the best way.
“Human” they praise
“Human” I sigh.

Experience with Clinique Lipset

As a reader I love reading short and to the point reviews.So I am going to make it short.American based Clinique ( a subsidiary of The Estée Lauder Companies) manufactures and markets skin care, makeup and fragrance products through partner stores , spas and travel retail outlets globally.I brought the Clinique lipset of 4.The colors are perfect for regular use,specially If you are a school/College/University student.It hydrates your lips and prevents it from dryness.I have dry lips and this lipset has been saving my life constantly.Moreover it’s quite long lasting.The lipset comes in a cute box.I have been using it regularly and I would love to recommend it to everyone.